Girls in ICT day


Marta A. Tomovska

Deputy Minister for information society and administration

We have the great pleasure to support the initiative of the United Nations and I must admit that it has been accepted with great enthusiasm everywhere. It is a new energy, freshness and a new perspective. We have received calls from teachers, professors, students and parents from all around Macedonia, and they want to be involved in it.

Liljana Vodenicarska

Aseco SEE

Working, creating and above all being successful in the world which not long ago was considered to be a world of men, is really a challenge for a woman. The increased involvement of women in ICT industry breaks the stereotype of pre-defined "male" professions. In a dynamic, creative, innovative and temperament field such as the ICT industry, skills that by definition are possessed by women find their expression.

My challenge in ICT was a reflection of my indomitable spirit, the opportunity for research, creation, impulse for continual advancement, both for me and the world that surrounds us, and providing unlimited possibilities in the new digital era.

Lidija Gjozinska-Mandaric


The ICT world is a world of new technologies and continual movement. It is nice to work and live with challenges of the new era.

Liljana Najdenova

Macedonian Telecom,
T-Mobile Macedonia

Being a part of the ICT is an enormous pleasure and challenge. It is a challenge to face innovations every day, learn something new, cooperate and communicate with people from practically all over the world. The pleasure is even greater because of the feeling that your work can be a big contribution for citizens' progress as well as the progress of your own country.

Olivera Gegovska


We all live in a society based on knowledge. The new millennium we welcomed brings wide challenges we must face. This millennium, of course, will belong to the IT industry. The IT industry is growing rapidly, IT companies develop fast, dynamic is increasing and continual changes are inevitable. This industrial boom will put IT companies in front of serious challenges they must face.

How to set up processes that need to be in correlation with the IT revolution? How to build a strategy to compete with the world globalization and teams dispersion? This is probably the greatest pivotal challenge for a manager in IT industry. IT companies must be creative, innovative and permanently aware of new knowledge. It all could be achieved through the human capital, their proactive involvement, knowledge, improvement in work and willingness for a success. That would determine the company's success and take business forward.

Irena Popovic


It is a dynamic work, constant acquirement of new knowledge and touch with the most recent achievements in the industry. The industry itself pushes you forward, to learn more…. Working in relaxed atmosphere, working in teams provides you with new professional and human knowledge… There is a big demand for quality cadre and employment possibilities… Working in an industry with a majority of male employees gives you a possibility for combining and managing the best of the two worlds.

Makedonka Stamatova


I chose the IT without any precognition in this field or any suggestions; the only motive was to learn more about computer technology and computer engineering. After a ten-year professional career, I keep on working in the IT field because I really love this job I do and I particularly respect the people I cooperate with.

Development of software application imposes numeral challenges, requires enormous commitment, creative solutions and fast decisions. There is a need for direct, intensive team cooperation and mutual confidence. Working on IT projects is a process of continual and everyday learning, improving and personal and professional development.

IT is more than a profession; it is a style of living.

Iskra Trajkovska


The ICT technology by its nature is creative, powerful, inspirational and fast developing. It makes you feel just like that. Having a previous experience in education, and also in manufacturing sector, it is a great feeling to be a part of "men's" technology. It is different from all other working organizations, but at the same time it is relaxed, flexible, offers possibilities for expressing creativity and it's a filed of constant learning and improving. Working in an IT company means having contact with everything what is new and most recent.

Sanja Veleva


I can easily list a number of advantages for my choice as an engineer involved in the ICT world. I love challenges, new things and better life. Therefore, instead of being a passive observer, I decided to involve myself actively in the process of the world improvement through education of ICT cadre. My role as a professor is not only based on transmitting knowledge, but also on its continual upgrading through following everyday novelties in the ICT industry, participation in international conferences, working on international projects, participation in forums and continual discussion with existing and potential ICT cadres. The international interest about achieved results in engineering approach in implementation of acquired knowledge encourages me and stimulates me to keep on trying to leave my mark in the ICT industry.

Kostadinka Zafirovska


Regardless of being a woman or a man, being in the ICT world means first of all to think progressively, take responsibility for your own steps and steps of the whole team, and at the same time to be always prepared for changes. The vision for better, more successful and more advanced things is something that must be possessed in everyday's living; otherwise the time and market will reduce the value of what we do.

Valentina Taseva

Semos Education

Being a girl in the ICT, means:

  • To possess a big dose of passion both toward technology and work,
  • To respond to a challenge called success in a predominantly men's world,
  • To possess a series of characteristics such as precision, commitment and attention, multi-tasking and speed in performing everyday's responsibilities, logical thinking and common sense.

And above all, it means an enormous dose of satisfaction, because the ICT is top technology which actually makes the world go round.

Aneta Peseva


Many years ago, entering the "men's" world of IC was a challenge, but today leading this sector without girls is difficult.

Sonja Filipovska


Present digital and multimedia perception of the world makes the ICT field attractive to people who have never seen themselves through the prism of technology and engineering before. These changes have opened new possibilities for girls and encouraged them to overcome discrimination of earlier generations. Girls' involvement in the ICT industry has introduced a bigger dynamic, innovation and fresh ideas. The presence of the girls in the ICT today proves gender equality and is an example of a successful story. And that is not all; they confirm the need of girls on managerial positions in IT and are indispensable members of scientific and research ICT leading projects.

Anita Nikova


Being a girl in the ICT world is a privilege and pleasure. Provided that, the view on the ICT industry is comprehensive, the possibility of numerous working positions can be easily understood. The ICT industry helps, supports and contributes to effective work of a great number of vertical industries. Programmers, analysts, web designers and experts in electronic marketing are only a small part of the ICT list of profiles and positions.

Dynamic character of women and their capability for multitasking is a unique additional value in the world most growing industry which can contribute for its even faster development.

Accept the challenge and be a part of the industry where you can easily find a job!

Elizabeta Todorovska


Presently, higher education institutions in the Republic of Macedonia and study programs in the field of information science and computer technologies enroll 6.620 students. Out of them, 73% are male and 27% female student which indicate that this profession is still considered to be predominantly men's profession. It is up to girls now to prove that it is a prejudice that should be broken down.

Internationally recognized lady teachers and distinguished experts in this field should be the first example that their number at faculties is not that small. Most of them are usually holders of important positions at universities and project managers, and they often differ from their men colleagues only in the computer designs, which prove their women's sensibility.